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If you can't open 2from your computer but instead you can access it via this proxy, it means the site is blocked in your computer. By using this service you agree to the terms of use. I didn't stay up all night to watch this like I did last year, but I heard the performances were pretty epic.I recently got into B2ST and MBLAQ lately and WHOOOOOO, their performace was off the hoooook.With our fast web proxy you may unblock 2hot.mobi, browse 2anonymously.If you can't access 2you may try to use this web proxy to bypass filters and check if 2is online.Discuss away in this thread, I'd love to hear your opinions!^___^Been a pretty hectic year for kpop, dontcha think? Happy Hanukkuah (I mispelt that horribly t's not often that I call the dork'tard tag, but I think this video from the Any Call 'Corby' commercial deserves it - if only for Taecyeon's crazy dancing skills.

; D 2PM was on Kim Jung Eun's Chocolate alongside with the Mr. They performed My Heart, Heartbeat, Again & Again, Hate You, Last Christmas, and Only You. Check the full, all member dance video under the cut!

It's like an early Christmas present, hearing Junsu sing in English. Also, I maintain that Nickhun's stylist should be shot.

It seems I get into 2PM kicks when it's like, early in the morning, haha. Remember the tears they cried, the laughs they shared, the sweat they poured? Accompanying this reward, the boys never fail to remember our fallen leader (tear tear) Park Jaebeom. random comments; Wooyoung seems to have forgotten to hold the mic closer to his mouth when it was his part.

Anyways, congrats to the boys for 'Again & Again' winning song of the year! Remember the passion they had in their hearts at the beginning, and the undeniable bond they have with each other? Jay, we're all wishing you a safe time with your family and friends at home... Thankfully his voice is naturally powerful, so we could actually hear him.

Yummmm, Yosoeb/AJ/Joon/Mir There are probably fans of that group and we don't want any hurt feelings here. ) I'm probably going to repeat these questions at the end of this post, so forgive me if I do, hahahaha.What artist do you think matured the most over the course of this year?



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