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You may also retain an attorney you want to represent you or go through a mediator or a family counselor.The court’s sole interest in your agreement is to ensure that it is fair to all parties, that the interests of the child(ren) are protected and that the agreement conforms to the mandatory child support guidelines.A minor parent is not exempt from having a support obligation under Arizona law, but the age of the parent is considered in the amount of child support that is appropriate under the Guidelines.Minimum wage is not attributed to minor parents while they are in high school; only their actual income is considered.Arizona law prohibits entry of default orders against minors.Under Arizona law, the court may also determine that a parent is not obligated to pay support for a child if paternity was the result of that parent's contact with a person who was found guilty of sexual assault of, or sexual conduct with a minor.Courts in Arizona must use these guidelines unless they can be shown to be unfair to the child(ren).



The issue of whether someone should be prosecuted is a law enforcement matter that DCSS is not involved in. You will need to provide as much information to DCSS as possible such as any of these documents; divorce decree, paternity order, or any other court orders, to help in establishing your support order. The Arizona Supreme Court Child Support Guidelines are used to determine child support in Arizona.The guidelines take into consideration the child’s needs and both parents’ ability to pay.


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