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This helps to create a sense of urgency as customers can see the homes becoming reserved and sold, quickly and clearly, due to the user-friendly software.The application featured local area maps with relevant health, education and leisure amenities all listed (which again can be updated in real time), plus a site plan, CGIs of the homes, floorplans, specification and various other relevant information.The hardware was a large touchscreen connected to a PC and installed into a custom made lectern, which allowed easy access, and an i Pad which was locked to the specific application so it couldn't be hijacked for other purposes! This was web-based, so it could be updated in real time as the homes were built and sold.We installed a large touch screen in the sales office, linked to a dedicated i Pad. Customers and staff enjoy using it, and the sight of homes being snapped up each time they look creates a sense of urgency.They required something which could be kept up to date, provide useful information, and capture customers' attention if the Sales Executives were busy.The budget was tight, but the solution had to be consistent with the quality and standards of the sales tools that already existed.The client is now repeating the exercise at another forthcoming development.

We created a web based application converting the existing sales brochure assets into a digital format.

This was web based to that it could be updated in real time, as the homes were built, reserved, completed and moved into.



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