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It’s critical shorthand that everyone (including we) are guilty of falling back on: saying one band “sounds like” another, rather than attempting to get at what makes it unique. DL: [Laughs.] I figured, what with the “cut-and-shut.” “What if Glenn Tilbrook started singing like Freddy Mercury? AVC: From what I hear, it makes more sense when you get older. Probably Remain In Light is the one I’ve listened to the most.

And when a band that’s truly idiosyncratic comes along—like Dirty Projectors (playing Bottom Lounge on Friday), whose Bitte Orca has received acres of critical adulation this year—that old music-reviewer standby becomes especially worthless, as everyone scrambles to find a way to describe something that, speaking honestly, sounds like nothing that came before it. Club collects more than 20 incredibly disparate comparisons that have been employed to describe Bitte Orca’s scratchy, funky art-rock fusion and presents them to leader David Longstreth—who claims he never reads his own reviews—to see if he could make sense of them. Fear Of Music, is that the one that opens with “I Zimbra”?

He is disappointed not to be able to present this show, wishes his best to David Byrne and the Southbank for the Festival, and looks forward to seeing everyone in London soon.

All ticket holders will be refunded at their point of purchase. Tickets are now on sale for David Longstreth’s solo show on August 25th at David Byrne's Meltdown at the Royal Festival Hall in London: Longstreth is best known as the leader and founding member of the Brooklyn-based rock band Dirty Projectors.

Tickets are available here: Socialites" Remixes 12" is now available for purchase digitally and physically worldwide!



The Music of William Onyeabor Thursday 20 August Hypnotic Brass Ensemble Thursday 20 August Maria Rodés Thursday 20 August Carmen Consoli…David Longstreth will play a solo set at the Huichica Music Festival festival in Sonoma a week from today, next Saturday 6/14!

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David is sorry to announce that due to the weight of his recording commitments he has to cancel his trip to this year's Meltdown Festival.

Of course, that hasn’t stopped critics from trying. “In him we find a bandleader who fuses the anxious border-crossing intelligence of David Byrne, Frank Zappa's eye toward progressive arrangement and innovative guitar heroics, and Prince's ability to make music you might want to fuck to.” (Stereogum) David Longstreth: [Laughs.] I’m interested in the idea of “border-crossing intelligence.” Is that even an adjective? Whether Bitte Orca is more like that one, I don’t know. Is he just saying it sounds like Talking Heads, or does he mean it in a deeper way—like in terms of the way the songs are put together and the actual arrangements, it really reminds him of Fear Of Music? [Laughs.] “Sort of like the bastard child of Mariah Carey, Steve Reich, and Yes” (The A.

Their music defies classification, taking on new influences with every release.He has collaborated with Kanye West, Björk, Rihanna, Solange, Diplo, and David Byrne.



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