Germans trouble dating


“If the refugees never talk face to face with a local person, they will never know anything about the culture here,” he said.

“There is just such a big difference between our culture and the German culture.” …

Or if the language barrier is too high, have a conversation with hand signals.

Alaswad said his friendship with Landt has helped him land on his feet in Germany.

The authorities are focusing on having migrants learn the language and get jobs.

The German government has promised to introduce subsidized workplaces earmarked for refugees.

“In Germany, we have a very technocratic view of integration,” said Landt.

“It was all over the media, every day on the talk shows you had people talking about the refugee crisis. “I just wanted to find out if it was real.” His experience is typical for most Germans, and many have volunteered with charitable groups in part to meet the migrants they’re hearing so much about.


Together with Khaled Alaswad, a 25-year-old Syrian he met at a computer coding class for migrants in Berlin, Landt started a project to help refugees and locals meet up. , it allows users to pick a time and location and set up a “date.” HAHAHAHAHAHA! Even if you believe IQ is a social construct, how are they going to learn coding???I forgot about the computer coding classes for migrants! Nonetheless, there is one thing they can do with such an IQ – impregnate German women and destroy the Nazi race.


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