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On the February 3, 2011 ( UTC), F-list was compromised by ex-coder/moderator Zidonuke, who was removed for abuse of privileges.The compromise resulted in all users being given admin privileges on the site and moderator privileges in the chat.Founded on July 2, 2009 by Hexxy, F-list has been a central roleplay hub for furries and non-furries since its inception, and continues to be a popular spot for roleplay, general conversation, and meeting people with shared interests, both sexual and non-sexual.It is owned by Dragonfruit Ventures, a subsidiary of Bad Dragon.The chat function of F-list functions like a closed IRC server, and is a more instant method of connecting with others.A number of set and moderated channels exist, as well as user-created channels (called "private rooms") which can be publicly viewed and entered by other users serve as gathering places for multiple characters with the same interests; private messaging, ignoring, and unignoring are also possible.The admins online at the time were banned from the site, as Zidonuke had hidden a backdoor program on the server and hacked the code.

, and each character is assigned its own list of "kinks" divided into four categories: "Fave", "Yes", "Maybe", and "No".

Each of these categories represents a different level of how much a character enjoys a certain kink.


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