Pregnant and dating romances


Pregnancy is one of the possible outcomes that you may face if you become sexually active.It's not the first time Steph has found herself at the centre of speculation she is dating again, and while she chose neither to confirm or deny the rumours in September, Stephanie did tell fans that her pregnancy won't stop her going after love if she finds the right person. and said: "There's been a lot of speculation about whether I'm dating anyone this week and I've not said anything.I haven't said yes or no to whether I've got a boyfriend or not.

Stephanie tweeted: "Due to reports in the press today I'd just like to reiterate that this is yet again another story of fiction. My only focus and priority [is] with my son one hundred percent." star's tweet came after a source alleged to Closer magazine: "Steph jokes to her family that the pregnancy helped her find love.Her boyfriend has seen the best side of her rather than the wild Stephanie she used to be."They claimed Stephanie has been dating a 'mystery businessman' since April this year.


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