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Swtor guides, news, and shenanigans galore: all simplified and easy to digest for relaxed to experienced players! There’s very, very, fucking little to keep me playing any more. Go to the forums to voice your opinion over this as well but I doubt it’ll change anything at this point.Feel free to send an ask if you'd like to see additional guides or information. Is the Weapon Tuning more rare than other rare items?My favorite item doesn’t have a Weapon Tuning Slot, will you be adding more? In fact, we will be making a thread in the Suggestion Box forum where you can let us know specific weapons that you would like to see a Tuning Slot added to. Step into The Arena Grand and prove your worth against some of the galaxy’s most notorious fighters!Gain rewards every round while striving to become the Eternal Champion! Aid Vette and Gault in a daring clandestine strike to plunder the Emperor’s secret treasury.


They have already strangled the raiding community to it’s fucking knees now they’re cutting off limbs and letting it bleed out. Hey guys, I know I’ve been afk from this blog but this is why. Why the devs are making these changes other than to kill their own game.



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