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Now, why combine the two, you ask, well that's because that's what we do here on the 20-Something Marketing Forum folks. In all seriousness though, there are plenty of parallels you can draw between the two, and certainly more than a couple of points you can draw out to help you make better sense of it all.Posted On: 2005-12-01Length: Listen to this podcast If you're like me, dating is one of those things in life that you view as a necessary evil. For me, professionally, relationships work, relationships sell. Guys that well, it's enough to make your head spin. I could be bitter and blast certain dating practices, or I could take my usual sardonic look at things and of course, the why and the how of the issue in order to derive some desiderata-like moral statement for you. As a marketer I love to talk about the business side of things, about relationships in general.Why it's going downhill in some respects, and go off on a rant that has nothing to do whatsoever with marketing.Funny enough, though, I think I can do both and still prove a point about making connections both professionally and romantically.That's why I think that no matter where you stand on this, I think you're going to love what follows. So submitted folks, for your approval the 20-Something Marketing Forum is proud to present episode #18 aptly named "The Marketing-Dating Connection." Rise and Shine 20-somethings.It's time for the 20-Something Marketing Forum with your host Jared Degnan.And greetings and warm holiday salutations marketing fans.



Relationships mean that it's much easier for me to get my point across because you've established a connection.

Now as a 20-something, I think I could take a look at the challenges in landscape we're faced with.


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