Who is big ang dating

Our thoughts and prayers are with Big Ang, her family and friends during this most difficult time.

Please leave your thoughts and prayers for Angela Raiola’s family and friends in the comments section below and come back to CDL for updates on Raiola’s condition. 17 – Reports that Big Ang is dead are apparently premature according to her rep – her Twitter just reported that she is still alive and fighting for life. 18 – Big Ang is dead – we are sorry to bring the news that Mob Wives Star Angela Raiola has died in hospital from cancer at age 55 – several news outlets are reporting this sad news.



But in December 2015 the cancer had returned and doctors feared it may have spread throughout Ang’s body. This little bundle of joy is what makes it all worth while.

At the time Angela Raiola and her family planned to meet with specialists to discuss the “Mob Wives” star’s options and best course of treatment.



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